Sunday Salon: Sukkot and Art Deco

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We have finally passed all the high holidays, the last one we celebrated was last Sunday, which was Sukkot, and possibly one of my favorite. It is a happy fun holiday, a harvest holiday of such which is taken from Exodus 23:16. We also commemorate the 40 years of wandering the desert by eating and celebrating in small temporary huts like the ones they slept and ate in during that time. 

We had dinner and a celebration at Synagogue and then also one at the Federation.

The weather, while still hot, is a bit better, the high humidity seems to have broken making it more bearable to get out. We spent an afternoon downtown touring the Philcade Building which also holds the Decopolis Art Deco Museum. The building was built in the early 30s and is full of Art Deco decor. The building was built by Waite Phillips brother of Frank Phillips of Phillips 66 ( I live in Tulsa, we were built on oil ), and was one of the first air-conditioned office buildings and shopping centers in Tulsa.

We have also started working on our Butlers Pantry. My husband finished up the ceiling, and I have gotten all the cabinets painted. We are hoping today that we will be able to start on the wallpaper.

Reading was pretty good last month, despite me feeling like I was always behind and not getting any reading done. I was able to get 14 books read, which might actually be a record for me. My favorites were Summer Sons and Be My Ghost.

That is all for me this week...drop your link in the comments so I can see what you have been up to this past week...


Happy Fall y'all!


  1. Sukkot sounds like a delightful holiday. Thank you for sharing a little about it along with your photos.

    I love seeing the Philcade Building. It's opulent.

    Be My Ghost looks like great fun. I will look for it.

  2. Your Sukkot photos are very enjoyable. Many of our neighbors have a Sukkah, but I don't know if they use it for every meal. That's a very opulent building indeed!

    best... mae at

  3. Interesting juxtaposition of the Sukkot tradition (temporary huts) and that ornate building! It was fu to read about both of them.

    I've seen Be My Ghost around the blogosphere a lot lately, I'll have to check it out.

  4. I’m not familiar with either of your favourite reads, I’ll have to look at your reviews.

    Wishing you a great reading week

  5. The building is absolutely stunning and your celebrations look to have been wonderful. Hope this month is just as good for you.

  6. I am glad you had a nice Sukkot celebration. It does sound fun! And I loved the photos of the Philcade Building. Quite ornate! I hope the pantry is coming along nicely.

    I am glad you enjoyed Be My Ghost. I really liked that one too. I hope you have a great week and month of October!

  7. Sukkot sounds like a great holiday!

    Art deco is my favorite so thanks for sharing the pictures of that beautiful building! I live in Arkansas and I see that the art deco museum is only a 5 1/2 hour drive from here so I will have to go the next time my BFF is here. Can't go without her because I wouldn't know what art deco was if not for her. LOL

  8. Sounds like you had a lot of fun during Sukkot. I love all the photos you shared. Hope you have a great week!

  9. The Philcade Building is gorgeous! Sounds like you had a nice visit. You read so many good books last month too! The only one I have to read is Nick and Noel's Christmas Playlist. Happy reading!


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