Double Take: Finlay Donovan is Killing It.


 Welcome to our first Double Take. This one will discuss Finlay Donovan is Killing It. 

No one reads the same book. That’s the great thing about books. They hit different for everyone. In the future, we will be picking a book every month to buddy read and write a review separately but also sort of together. Starting in Aug we will be opening the buddy read for whoever would like to join in our shenanigans. Ok and now for June's Double Take: Finlay Donovan is Killing It. 

Ro’s Perspective: (No Spoilers)

Thought this one was so so. It took a while to grab my attention and then when it started picking up I was already tired of Finlay always bitching and thinking her ex and his new girlfriend were out to ruin her life. Then she was such a pushover. People walked all over her so I lost respect for her character. I like the idea but some of the plots just didn’t click in place like I wanted them to. It just seems to out there.

 I should also mention I heard a lot of buzz around how this was such a fun suspense/thriller. Meaning I went in blind not reading a blurb or really looking into others' reviews just wanting to enjoy the suspense. Which turned out to be a mistake because I was expecting something completely different. This isn’t always a bad thing but in this case, I was just expecting too much which then lead this read to fall flat for me. 

Tee's Perspective:

Unlike Ro, I had read several reviews before picking up the book so I knew that the book was not a typical mystery, it was a cute and fun cozy mystery, but it certainly wouldn't be considered anything near a Thriller.

I do agree with her that there were many times that Finlay got on my nerves, but overall I found myself laughing at her situation. My favorite character, the one that probably saved the entire book for me was the bartender Julian. I also found Vero to be a bit refreshing. But her willingness to just go along with all that Finley was doing, and the plot of Finley being mistaken as a hitman was a bit far-fetched. 

Maybe....I am sure I have friends I would drag a body across a dark muddy field for...who knows.

Elle Cosimano's writing was great, it was witty and easy to read, so the book goes by quickly. She has a sequel to it coming out titled Finlay Donovan Knocks 'em Dead, which is being published in February of 2022, and also Marlene King ( Pretty Little Liars ) is doing an adaptation for television, so all you Finlay fans out there have a lot to look forward to.


  1. After reading this, I think it is closer to a caper than a mystery/thriller. I can't explain why without spoilers, but a caper is when one or more of the main characters commit crimes...


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